How does our technology work?

InLoop utilizes cutting edge Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to curate the most relevant and personalized content from all over the web.

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”
–Stephen Hawking

Sources are collected

First, we collect all your relevant association, industry and global content sources in order to to begin building a unique algorithm that is specific to your association and members.


Content is organized and classified

Our technology then takes all your unstructured and unclassified data (content and sources) and begins determining the relevancy of the content.

After the relevancy is determined, we begin analyzing, tagging and ranking utilizing the best Natural Language Processing algorithms.


The InLoop Content Galaxy is created

The result of your data collection and analysis develops what we call the InLoop Content Galaxy, the heart of the algorithm. This is the machine that looks at your content and determines which one is best based on dozens of set parameters. We also provide you with a visual representation of the Galaxy in order to see the topics that your members are engaging with.


Highly personalized content is distributed

The highest ranked content is then distributed to your E-newsletter, Website Newsfeed and Social Media Channels. Once the content is distributed, your members are able to login and personalize their content experience by selecting the categories and sources that they would like to follow.


Algorithm adjusts itself

Our machine learning technology adjusts the content with every piece of material your members engage with. The data curation and analysis continues 24/7. That means our algorithm gets better and better at predicting what your members most want to read while increasing your member engagement.


We provide you with content analytics

Our data is also useful for you, too. We put analytical insights on content trends at your fingertips with our back-end analytics. Learn about the information your members are craving for products, courses, conferences, webinars and more.