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NewsTracker is an intelligent news curation and publishing tool that searches for engaging web content and delivers it directly to members. Simply put, the InLoop engine employs artificial intelligence to comb through millions of articles, press releases, blogs and videos to curate a collection of relevant media for you.

Instead of wasting valuable time and resources manually searching for content and posting to each of your outlets, we give you the gift of true automation. Simply review the content, select the appropriate channels, and NewsTracker automatically publishes as often as you want. Your unique algorithms will also monitor the content you publish, while learning what works and what doesn't, to ensure that you're always providing the best content for your members.

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Inloop’s Newstracker Will Help You do the following:

Drive Engagement

Nothing builds trust within a community faster than consistent, quality content. It drives higher levels of engagement, increases perceived value and earns a loyal audience. Become the most trusted source for current, comprehensive and relevant news in your industry to establish your place as a thought leader.

automate content posting

Every time your unique algorithm finds industry content, it’s sent to a central hub for review before publishing. Posting the content is completely automated across all your social media, websites and newsletters, so you don’t have to waste time manually scheduling. Best of all, the algorithm tracks the performance of each post, learning what your members like so it can deliver even more engaging, relevant content over time.

generate additional revenue

Seamlessly integrated advertising space on your personalized Website and Newsletter allows you to generate more income with less work. You can sell advertising space yourself, or partner with us and we become an extension of your sales team.

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