Leveraging Content Customization to Successfully Engage Members

In today’s connected world, more and more associations are turning to technology solutions in hopes of addressing business concerns while also maximizing marketing efforts. However, even with a variety of tools at their disposal, an overwhelming majority of associations fail to efficiently and effectively communicate with their members. This struggle has paved the way for an entirely new method of marketing, built on a foundation of automation.

Marketing automation has become a leading resource for associations seeking to actively engage their communities without dedicating all of their time, or budget, to maintaining that audience. In 2016 alone, the volume of emails sent through automation marketing campaigns increased by nearly 70%.

So what makes these campaigns so powerful and so popular? Customization.

Building Better Engagement Through Automation

Two of the greatest obstacles associations face in effectively communicating with their communities are information overload and clutter. Too much info, or even a small amount that is disorganized and hard to digest, will lead to poor open rates or even cause members to unsubscribe altogether.

Here are three ways that smart marketing automation helps you better engage your members.

Reaching your target audience

Generic one-offs and mass messages to your entire list cause members to think of your emails as spammy, because the content isn’t targeted to specific segments based on interests. Using customized email marketing campaigns allows you to directly reach precise target groups with information they actually care about, resulting in higher engagement rates.

Providing a customized experience

Giving members a customized experience means that you can tailor the content you send to members according to any set of factors, such as only new members or members in a specific location. This automated marketing tactic is operationally efficient, performing content and traffic control for email deployment.

Facilitating continued engagement

Marketing automation affords associations the ability to dispatch workflow emails based on key engagement triggers such as visits, clicks, or form submissions. For example, if a member searches a specific keyword on your site or visits a social media page, the system automatically sends a follow-up email to create a second point of contact customized to their current preferences and interests.

How do you use content customization?

Content customization has been shown to significantly improve member engagement, effectively eliminating the threat of communication overload.

What kinds of automation tactics are you using in your organization?