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Easily Publish Personalized Industry News

The InLoop Industry Guide is the answer to the overwhelming demand for a more efficient way for your members to engage with vendors, suppliers and relevant businesses in your industry. Our guide is a categorized database of businesses and products that your members will find relevant and useful.

No more wasting time on search engines, trying to figure out which vendors meet your needs, and if they are even still in business. Every listing is automatically and continuously vetted to ensure quality and dependability, so you don’t have to.

We utilize the same always-learning algorithms in our NewsTracker and an upload of your database to learn what resources your audience needs, and make sure every listing is active and accurate.


• Industry guide monthly newsletter

• Ultra-relevant search results

• Customizable and tiered sponsorship and advertising

• Aggregated news from companies, vendors and suppliers

• Sleek and uncluttered designs with a simple user interface

Inloop’s Industry Guide Will Help You do the following:

provide additional value

Be your industry’s most valued resource guide, providing real-time access to the products and services your members need the most. We help you save time and curate highly relevant, up-to-date resources so you can give your members the advantages they need to stay competitive and thrive.

aggregate company news

Not only does our Industry Guide showcase company profiles, but we aggregate news from those companies as well. This makes it easier for your members to stay up-to-date on industry trends, information and resources all in one place.

Generate additional revenue

Seamlessly integrated advertising space on your Industry Guide and Industry Guide Newsletter allows you to generate more income with less work. We’ve set up multiple display ads, strategically placed spots for category and featured sponsors, and company profiles that will generate additional income for your association.

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