How Much Time is your E-Newsletter Taking You?

While many modern marketers argue that newsletters are a dying art, the fact remains that countless associations rely on them as a primary means of communication with their members and subscribers. Even in today’s world of fast-paced social media updates, newsletters remain one of the most effective marketing tools at our disposal, when used correctly.

Crafting an engaging and interesting newsletter is crucial to its success—but doing so doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, regular creation and distribution of newsletters can even become as effortless as turning on your computer.

Leveraging the power of intelligent automation is the key to making your newsletter distribution run like clockwork—literally.

Automation takes the guesswork out of newsletter creation and distribution by:

Keeping emails minimal and focused

The average person receives roughly 88 emails per day, with an approximate open rate of 24% across all industry-marketing efforts. Therefore, it is crucial to distribute a newsletter that has value to the reader in order to convince them to actually open and read it.

This is achieved through customization—dispatching newsletters that only contain relevant content to the member, and nothing else. Think of it as quality over quantity, where automation allows you to set the right frequency and focus according to your reader’s actual interests.


Sending emails only when there is something to say

There’s a fine line between keeping your members updated and becoming viewed as a spammer. Weekly newsletters are extremely useful for avoiding the latter, as they allow you to promote a “roundup” of relevant content from that week, as well as any additional information the association is looking to share with its members.

By limiting distribution, the newsletter will serve as a less obtrusive, incremented resource rather than a repetitive and cluttered stream of information. Automation gives you complete control over when and how you send your emails, so you don’t have manually schedule a thing.


Sensing when there may be an additional source of interest

When implementing an automated newsletter campaign filled with highly relevant content, an intelligent system can monitor member behavior to detect triggering clicks and gather additional information about broader topics of interests to your readers. By leveraging the learning capabilities of a properly structured algorithm, these interests can be seamlessly incorporated into future newsletters, or dispatched independently. Thus, associations can keep their members continually engaged with relevant information of current interest—without even thinking about it!