Content Curation Software:

The content marketer’s newest tool

The goal of any marketer is to clearly and successfully communicate their message to customers, but the question is: how do you know what efforts are actually effective? Between email newsletters, social media posts, and a slew of advertising options, it’s all too easy to see marketing budgets increase without getting any actionable or tangible results in return. That is where content marketing comes in.

Content marketing is currently the most powerful, and affordable, marketing method to effectively communicate with consumers. Content marketing boasts higher open rates, better engagement and more interactions than other forms, while also delivering a better set of metrics. According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing leaders experience 7.8 times more site traffic than non leaders while spending 62% less than outbound marketing.

Content marketing is a response to an evolving new consumer type, one that is more tech savvy and knowledgeable than before, making it that much harder to sell to them. Convincing a consumer to follow through on any purchase, regardless of product or industry, now requires a high level of trust towards the company in order to distinguish them from the competition. These consumers are also able to easily locate new information on a company, both good and bad, making it essential for any business to control its online presence and present the most relative and useful information possible in order to build that all-important bond.

What is content curation?

There are several different content marketing strategies, with the main differentiator being whether or not you create the content yourself or repurpose/recirculate existing content. Content curation falls in the latter category, and is an essential tool in any marketer’s arsenal. Simply put, content curation is the process of scouring the web for relevant and valuable content (blog posts, videos, press releases, etc.) from a variety of sources and sharing it on your own properties (websites, social media channels, email lists).

This process has been exceedingly manual for some time now, requiring countless hours searching the Internet for content before manually posting it to all the relevant outlets. Organizations would be limited to performing google searches for what they assume are terms and topics relevant to their audience, and then be left to sort through large amounts of content and organize it for their community. The curator would become the content authority, determining the most relevant and forward content for distribution, though at the expense of efficiency and only through a great deal of trial and error.

A new era of intelligent content curation automation

However, innovative content curation software has emerged to alleviate the burden of both locating and scheduling this content, with the help of artificial intelligence and automation tools. Highly intelligent algorithms are now available to do the research on behalf of the organization, sourcing truly relevant and highly engaging content while analyzing the behaviors of the readers to learn and adapt along the way. This process increase the efficacy of every piece of content shared, while also allowing organizations to gather invaluable insights into the interests and behaviors of their audience.

This highly detailed level of tracking and adaptive strategy development is something that just cannot be achieved through manually sourcing, making it a major asset in any industry. Additionally, these types of intelligent content curation software also allow true automation of posting, which eliminates the hassle of manually publishing each piece on each channel. That feature alone amounts to significant savings for the organization, both in terms of time and money.

Benefits of Content Curation Software

1. Provides More Content with Less Effort

Providing your community with more content builds real trust and value with your community or members. Writing and publishing original content requires time and resources, which not all organizations have. Content curation software allows technology to assist you in providing additional content that matches your industry, enabling more frequent and consistent communication.

2. Easily Improves SEO

In order for Google and other search engines to index your website, you need to have more pages with text they can crawl and categorize. Content curation of engaging and relevant content means you can build a more robust web presence that’s tailored to the needs and desires of your community. This allows Google to decide that your website is the go-to site for industry content.

3. Positions You as a Thought Leader

For associations, it is especially important to be recognized as thought leaders in order to add value for members. When you position yourself as the authority in your industry, it builds trust and shows that you are not just up to date with the trends of your field, but ahead of the curve. It is one of the most effective ways to build a positive relationship and foster trust.

4. Saves Your Organization Time

Automation is a time saver, plain and simple. For the most part, associations have been manually collecting content from different sources, using spreadsheets and other outdated practices to keep track of it all. The benefit of content curation software is the ability to use sophisticated algorithms to locate and keep track of the best content for your audience, and then schedule it to the appropriate channels.

5. Generates Quality Leads

Having consistent traffic coming to your website via relevant content brings in better leads more likely to convert. For associations looking to attract new members, providing additional content only brings in more potential members who begin engaging with your brand.