How our Technology Works

When we say intelligent content, we mean it. Our NewsTracker and Industry Guide are both powered by a self-learning algorithm that continuously scans the web for unique, relevant content that is personalized for your members. With every blog post, article, press release or vendor listing that is published on your channels, the algorithm tracks its performance so that it can learn what content performs best, and deliver more of it.

The InLoop engine employs artificial intelligence and robust analytics to comb through millions of articles, press releases, blogs, products & services, curating a collection of personalized and relevant media to deliver to your members.

All the aggregated content is collected and organized into a user-friendly hub, where you can pick and choose what you’d like to publish. You have final say over what information is published, and in addition upload your own content for publishing.

Once the engine has pulled all your content, our publishing platform automates posting to your custom-built website, weekly newsletter, social media channels & even a custom app. That way, you’re engaging your members with relevant content while saving time and resources.

After the content has been posted, it’s time for our engine to better understand the needs and behaviors of your members, tracking dozens of benchmarks such as reading time and user behavior.

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